What is Corporate Identity?

On March 30, 2011, in Starting a New Business, by Joanna

A corporate identity is the image of your business. It identifies its position in the market place and its professionalism and adds hugely to its memorability. Just because you have a logo doesn’t mean that you have a corporate identity, it isn’t a badge to attach randomly to various web spaces and Word documents!

It is colour, style and tone, is is a mission statement and attitude to customer care, this is important whether you are a single freelance person or a large corporation, there are no exceptions!

Your identity is the uniform of your business, it should all coordinate and present a cohesive, efficient image. Some of you are going out in a dress shirt and bermuda shorts and even if you have a logo pinned to the lapel of your tweed jacket you don’t look very convincing as a business!!

Simple things to bear in mind:

  • Consistency of logo size, position and background colour
  • Consistency of colour palette
  • Consistency of font where possible, this doesn’t mean you have to have your logo set in Arial – it is the font for text that needs to be kept the same!
  • Consistency of tone, don’t be jokey in one place and painfully serious in another

Of course it is always best to consult an expert, but do keep the consistency rules in mind whether you do or not.


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